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Microphone Cable

Microphone Cable Assembly

Microphone Cable Connector Types

The Lead Wire Set include the connectors (1, 2) on both ends
and the lead wire linking to the connectors on both ends.


Structure of the Microphone Lead Wire

Plasic Jacket

Normally, the Plastic Jacket is fabricated from PVC, PE and PU. Listed below are its advantages and weaknesses:

Pros Lowest in cost Better weatherability Good flexibility.
Better weatherability
Cons Toxic Harder Higher cost

Metaillic Shield

The Metallic Shield is braided from copper wire and its main purpose is to isolate the external electromagnetic wave. With higher number or denser layers of copper wire, it can enhance the shielding rate in reducing the electromagnetic wave interference. The main fabrication method comprises Braid Shielding and Spiral Shielding. The Braid Shielding Method requires higher cost but exhibits better shielding effect. In comparison, the Spiral Shielding Method requires lower cost but the shielding rate is lower accordingly; therefore, it is usually topped with aluminum foil to enhance the shielding rate.


The Cotton belongs to optional item. When the cable is wrapped with a sheath, a tighter wrapping layer can be achieved by adding cotton to reduce the gap between cores.

Core Insulation

Normally, the Core Insulator is fabricated from PVC, PE and PP.
Listed below are its advantages and weaknesses:

Advantage Lowest in cost Best insulation Better workability
Weakness Toxic and worst in insulation Highest in cost Harder

Core/Copper Foil wire

Normally, the Core is fabricated from Copper, Tin-Plated Copper,
and Silver-Plated Copper. Listed below are its advantages and weaknesses :

  Copper Tin-plated Copper Silver-plated Copper
Advantage Lowest cost Easier for welding and better weathering endurance Easier for welding and lowest in impedance
Weakness Higher in welding temperature Highest
in impedance
Highest in cost

Product Features

Difference with ordinary Microphone Lead Wire
When bending ordinary Microphone lead wire.

As the Microphone lead wire is subject to frequent plug/pull actions, easier bending effect tends to happen at the lead wire area near the connecting end. As the bending frequency increases, the Core or the Core Insulation inside the lead wire would break as to cause a short circuit or breaker opening. To avoid such a situation from occurring, a special Wire Cover is added near the connecting end of the lead wire. Such kind of Wire Cover is treated in flexible elastomer. It widens the contacting area with the connecting end in order that the plugging and pulling force will not concentrate at the lead wire and the connecting end. In addition, it can significantly reduce the bending amplitude of the lead wire to achieve higher product reliability.

CAROL patented unique Assembly-type Wire Cover design.

1.Special mechanism design for robust conjunction
2.Bending proof for frequently using
3.Smart cover to prevent electrocution

The Wire Cover and the Head Stock is configured in assembly type. It is required to replace the damaged parts only if the Wire Cover or the linked Connector Seat is damaged. In this way, it not only saves resources and cost but also is also convenient for making replacement and saves time as well.