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Why is 2.4GHz Digital Wireless?

  • DW-25R

  • DW-25T

  • DWR-882

  • DWM-880

  • DWM-881

Why Digital better than Analog?

Noise Filtering CapabilityDigital signals take only two values: 1 or 0 and therefore it will be easier to differentiate between the noise and signal when noise interferes with these signals.

Communicate FirmlyIn full duplex two-way radio communication, the transmitter and receiver can communicate with each other, therefore if an error occurred the receiver would requests the transmitter resends the signal automatically(DW-25).

Distortion-Free ReproductionDigital amplifier development is poised to become a mainstream and digital amplifier and speaker will be obtaining a distortion-free sound while communicating with digital wireless microphones.

FHSS makes reliable
interference-free connection.

Digital wireless features FHSS(frequency-hopping spread- spectrum) technology that divide the frequency into a number of small channels, and signals is switched rapidly between them in a random sequence that is known by both the receiver and transmitter. It achieves a good capability of anti-interference that can work under every complicated environment with high performance.

Archiving the perfect sound

Digital wireless system allows full dynamic range without audible noise, as the audio signal is not compressed in the transmitter and expanded in the receiver. Since there are no compander circuits to muck up the sound, the sound from digital wireless would sound better than analog system.

Why 2.4GHz Band better than UHF/VHF band?

It operates on global license ISM BandThe ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands are open frequency bands that allow for operation without a license, these are also known as the unlicensed bands.It also means that CAROL's DW-882 and DW-25 wireless microphone system can be used by anybody without a license all over the world.

Why 2.4GHz Band better than UHF/VHF band?

  • Avoid Crowded UHF/TV BandThe UHF band(mostly 217-1002 MHz) is now used extensively for TV broadcasting and become very crowded. It's also true that the 2.4GHz spectrum is a bit crowded, but it would provide more solid and stable connection in a small space than UHF does.
  • No 4G LTE Broadband Impact.Along with the 700MHz band being reallocated for 4G mobile data networks, some of UHF channels(mostly 698~806Mhz) will no longer be available for using by wireless audio. Take a look at Carol's 2.4GHz promising microphone system, they are remaining well away from the 4G broadband service rollout.
VHF Band - Ch. 2 - 13 54 - 216 MHz
Low Band - VHF Ch. 2 - 6 59 - 88 MHz
Mid Band - UHF Ch. 14 - 22
- UHF Ch. 95 - 99
121 - 174 MHz
91 - 120 MHz
High Band - VHF Ch. 7 - 13 175 - 216 MHz
Super Band - CATV Ch. 23 - 36 217 - 300 MHz
Hyper Band - CATV Ch. 37 - 62 300 - 456 MHz
Ultra Band - CATV Ch. 63 - 158 457 - 1002 MHz

Why 2.4GHz Band better than UHF/VHF band?

Break the Geographical Boundaries
One 2.4G System to Fit All.
You don't have to make a significant investment to buy multiple models with variety frequencies for different location requirement. This is a huge motivation makes more and more system integrators and consumers transferred to 2.4 GHz wireless microphone systems.

  • Unparalleled Battery LifeAll the digital processing are combined into an integrated circuit on a single chip, It ensures that battery life can works up to 26 hours. By comparison, UHF/VHF microphone systems only last about 6-8 hours.
  • Simple to install,
    easy to operate and maintain.
    1.Easy Setup:
    Plug & Play as long as the system is power on.
    2. Easy Operation:
    Simple at a push of the paring button for microphone and receiver,the devices will automatically synchronize with each other.
    3. Easy Maintenance:
    No additional channel setup process for interference, the system will change the working channel automatically.(DW-25)
  • Why spend the extra money if there's no need for longer operating rangeTechnically, the digital wireless also can achieve the same range as UHF system in today's technology, however, the longer operating range is not all that matters, it depends on what purpose and where you are using, if it's just for home karaoke, classroom, office meeting room, karaoke club or related limited space, there is no need to spend the extra money buying expensive wireless system.